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Specialized Steel Fabrication

Unique Structural Steel and Architectural Details.

Specialized Steel Specialized Steel and Construction

Our steel fabrication services are not limited to the structural portion of your project. We can custom fabricate the “Bling” too. Architectural detailing, such as exposed structure, awnings and entry-ways, arches, “industrial look” faux-structural elements, cantilevered floor-plans, observation decks, handrails and stairs, building-to-building crosswalks and decorative canopies.

Specialized Steel - Finishing Touches

We can also create more exotic elements such as fountains and waterfalls, metal sculptures and mobiles, clock towers, 3D metal signs, reception-area metal logos, industrial-look metal frame & glass tables, and metal name and/or logos for building-exteriors.

No matter how abstract, we can fabricate it. All of our welders are AWS certified so we always deliver to the highest standards. Contact FCC for all of your unique, steel concepts.

  • Exposed Structural Steel
  • Awnings and Entry-ways
  • Arches
  • "Industrial Look" Faux-structural Elements
  • Cantilevered Floor-plans
  • Observation Decks
  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Building-to-building Crosswalks
  • Decorative canopies
  • Fountains & Waterfalls
  • Metal Sculptures and Mobiles
  • Clock Towers
  • 3D Metal Signs
  • Reception-area Metal Logos
  • Industrial-look Metal Frame & Glass Tables
  • Metal Name and/or Logos for Building-exteriors
  • And More - Only Limited by Your Imagination