our Approach

"A Full-Team Approach to Building Both Structures & Relationships"
Meeting Full-team Approach

The concept of team approach doesn’t start and stop with the FCC team members, it’s a concept that all partners involved are valuable members to the team collectively working together to achieve a goal. Including you the owner, being as transparent as possible is our goal, your involvement and communication is key to the success of any project. The team doesn’t stop there, in fact a good GC/Construction Manager is only as good as its subcontractors and architects/engineers. FCC prides itself on building and maintaining those relationships with its trade partners and believe the benefits of those relationships are cast on to the owners and their projects.

Full-Team Approach

From the FCC Team you receive more than just paper pushing service or a bean counter making the numbers work. Its full service, by self-performing many of the construction elements and using a full-team approach, FCC is in the unique position to better manage communication, budgets and schedules. Our customers interact with the same 2-3 people throughout the entire project to get accurate answers and timely updates. We have a passion for building, and that includes building successful, personalized relationships with our customers and vendors.

At FCC, our extensive general contracting experience and unique self-performing capabilities enable us to find building solutions that meet budgets without sacrificing functionality and need. Our professional team of industry experts can be trusted to develop solutions with the sole intent of benefiting you, the customer. Taking a positive, pro-active approach means FCC is able to deliver successful projects each and every time.