Custom Steel

Miscellaneous & Decorative Steel

"Little Details Make All the Difference"

The Finishing Touch: Miscellaneous & Decorative Steel

Decorative Steel

Practically every building project will contain some level of miscellaneous or decorative steel. Most structural steel companies don't offer miscellaneous steel work, but at FCC, we feel it's just another way to assure quality with our complete involvement in the entire fabrication process. Once your structure is built, we can provide all miscellaneous steel including:

  • Custom Handrails
  • Custom Stairs
  • Decorative Canopies
  • Stainless Steel Custom Handrails

We've learned that by covering all your miscellaneous and decorative steel needs, we can once again control the overall process, which means ensuring quality, reducing costs and abbreviating schedules. While providing products for both industrial and commercial facilities, FCC's advanced miscellaneous and decorative steel fabrication service always meets the highest standards with all of our welders being AWS certified.