Building Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Our Facility Maintenance program is a cost effective way for your company to maintain buildings before weather conditions and the wear and tear of daily use damage them.

Maintenance Strategy

Our supervisor completes all of our inspections and has over 15 years in the commercial construction field. Our program is based on a complete walk through of the building. We inspect for any weathering items, roof laps, trim laps, penetrations, etc. identifying issues before snow, sun, wind, rain and ice are able to cause damage. Our rates are based on a flat fee per square foot and will be followed up with a complete maintenance strategy breakdown and a free estimate for repair if necessary.

Building Size (sq.ft) Rate
2,500-10,000 $250/sq.ft
10,000-25,000 $300/sq.ft
25,000-50,000 $350/sq.ft
50,000-100,000 $400/sq.ft

Our complete visual inspection includes:

  • Roof Panels
  • Inspection of Roof Laps
  • Flashing Detail
  • Parapet Trim
  • Eave Trim
  • Roof Caps
  • Roof Curbs
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Siding
  • Service Doors
  • O.H. Doors
  • Windows
  • Concrete
  • Parking Lot and Drives

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